Bucket Kicker – YA Contemporary

Seventeen-Year-Old Felicia Riley doesn’t care about life until it suddenly ends. But she gets a second chance from an overly-sexual and dramatic Death–find a real reason to live in two months, or get your soul eaten. Simple enough, right?

I’m pretty skilled at noticing stupid, insignificant things. Which is why as I look out the classroom window and out onto the sidewalk below, my eyes immediately catch the discarded banana peel, flopped in the middle of the street in front of my high school like a battered, yellow, squid. It browned even more in the sun, edges devoid of yellow altogether.

My first thought: had there still been a banana inside, it could make some dope banana bread.

My second thought: someone might slip on that, which would be pretty hilarious.


Black Thorn – YA Fantasy

Cassandra knew from a young age that she was doomed to die. She was born with the ability to read magic, a power that can easily be stolen. So when word gets out and her life is at stake, she’s forced to join a ragtag group of pirates on a quest to return magic to the world by finding the legendary Heaven Chest. But she’s not the only one with this mission, and the entire world is at risk with the evil Shadow Prince also after gaining his own magical power.

My parents wept the day I learned to read, because they knew it meant I was doomed to die. They tried to think of ways to protect me, or at least delay the inevitable. We live in a small village on an island at the edge of the Isles, the forgotten land masses off the richer mainland, where crime is far more apparent and less regulated. My parents knew the obscurity and security of our home, however good it was, would never be enough. So they made sure I learned some forms of self-defense.

For years, it was enough.

For years, I was safe.

Until, with one simple lapse of judgement, I was not.